New Year: New Lens


As the new year gets underway, I’m reminded of how quickly everything changes; seasons change, careers change, and even homes change. As both a Landscape Photographer and a Real Estate Photographer, I see things through a different lens than most. What some see as a dying tree which has lost its leaves to fall and branches to winter storms, I see an opportunity for a unique photo capturing change over time. What others see as a hassle of selling a home, I see as an opportunity to show the world beauty through photographs and introduce a family their new home. In this new year, I challenge you to look at the world through a new lens, the lens of Plumb Pixel Photography. Whether you want to commission a photograph of your favorite view or dazzle buyers with pictures of your home, Plumb Pixel Photography can meet all your Landscape and Real Estate Photography needs.

Terri Johnson, Owner, Plumb Pixel Photography
The Right Angle Matters



About Plumb Pixel Photography

Hi, I’m Terri Johnson and I own Plumb Pixel Photography. I have a background in landscape photography, and I’ve spent the past few years working as a Photographer for a local Real Estate Agent. My dream has always been to be a Photographer, and in in early 2015 I began Plumb Pixel Photography. My emphasis is in Residential and Commercial Real Estate Photography. It’s hard to say what sparked my love of photography. It could have been the toy camera I had as a child, or growing up around avid photographers. Either way, what started out as an idea soon turned into my dream profession. Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have, or to discuss setting up an appointment.
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