Friday Focus: Home Office



A lot of us are now working from home, which can be challenging. Today I thought I’d talk about a few ideas to make it a bit easier since not everyone (myself included) has a dedicated office space at home.

If you happen to have a guest room, that’s a logical place to set up shop for the time being. However, for those of us who don’t, here are a few things to try.

First being, find a dedicated place to work from. For a lot of people, that’s the dining table. Unless your dining chairs are ergonomically correct, you might need a few adjustments. Two things that can help are a throw blanket and a pillow. No joke, these can work and don’t require wait time from ordering online. Try rolling up a throw blanket to use for lumbar support. Bonus! You can take that blanket to the couch when you’re ready to stream the shows you’re not caught up… after work. The second is a pillow. Hey, not everyone chose padded dining chairs!

Since we’re not having people over for dinner right now, consider this: you’re probably not using you’re serving dishes. If you’re anything like me, you have a decent amount stored in your kitchen or dining room. For the time being, you could move some of them from a cabinet to a closet in order to free up the space. Now you have a place to store your office equipment so you’re not looking at when you’re not working. It helps not to see work all the time!

Small tips, but sometimes little things make a big impact. Look around your new found office space and see what will realistically work for you.

Next week I’ll be back to photography but we’ll still be in the home office! Check back on Friday to see what that entails!


Terri Johnson

Owner, Plumb Pixel Photography

The Right Angle Matters


About Plumb Pixel Photography

Hi, I’m Terri Johnson and I own Plumb Pixel Photography. I have a background in landscape photography, and I’ve spent the past few years working as a Photographer for a local Real Estate Agent. My dream has always been to be a Photographer, and in in early 2015 I began Plumb Pixel Photography. My emphasis is in Residential and Commercial Real Estate Photography. It’s hard to say what sparked my love of photography. It could have been the toy camera I had as a child, or growing up around avid photographers. Either way, what started out as an idea soon turned into my dream profession. Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have, or to discuss setting up an appointment.
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